General Description:

Yaupon Holly, ilex vomitoria,

Yaupon holly, is one of the most common woody plants on Dewees Island.  It provides shelter and food for songbirds, nectar for butterflies, and was used by the early tribes of the area as a purge (notice the name).  It can be trimmed into hedges or made into tea.  It is also lovely in arrangements.  It has long flowering branches with the flowers along the stems.  In the fall, the berries begin to ripen from green, to yellow, to red. Part of the maritime shrub thicket ecosystem, you can find it along most of the roadsides of the island.  There are several trees near the landings building, some of which are marked.

yaupon holly
flowers of ilex vomitoria


yaupon holly


yaupon holly

Yaupon holly has a pretty significant latin name, ilex vomitoria, fron the native american tradition of using this plant (especially the berries) as a purge.  The leaves are one of the only SC native plants rich in caffeine.  It was used to make this wreath.

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