Dewees Island Turtle Team

Welcome to the Dewees Island Turtle team. We are always excited to have new volunteers; we have training here, and we love teaching new volunteers.  Residents and visitors can come along on Saturday mornings to be trained by an existing volunteer. We operate under permit from SCDNR.

If you love keeping in touch with “in the moment” happenings with our turtle team, join the group at this Facebook page.

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Nestlog 2023

Our season is well underway; we are predicting a lower number of nests this year based on natural cycles. This list was updated on June 19th.

Nest 1

May 19 was a busy day on the island: we had three turtle nests on the island. Nest 1 was found by Toni and named Hazel. We left it in situ on a high dune south of Ancient Dunes.

Nest 2

Nest 2 was found by Rosie and originally left in situ on the top of the berm.  Unfortunately, at the very bottom of the nest there was a broken egg, which was investigated by coyotes on the second night.  The nest was relocated and caged, with 48 surviving eggs.

Nest 3

Nest 3 was found by Toni on the South beach past the first dock and right before the second.  (A good reminder not to stop at the first dock).  This nest (145 shells) was totally predated by coyotes before first light.

Nest 4

Nest 4 was found by Claudia on 5/29 south of Huyler House walk below the high tide line.  It was relocated to a higher dune with 80 eggs.

Nest 5

Nest 5 was found by Jack on 6/4 south of Huyler House walk below the high tide mark and directly in the path of a dune washover.  Tracks were almost invisible due to wind overnight. 95 eggs were relocated to the berm in a stable dune area.

Nest 6

Nest 6 was found by Carey on the far north end near the poles.  It was a total loss to predation.

Nest 7

Nest 7 was found by Jack on June 11 south of Huyler House predated.  15 surviving eggs were relocated to the berm in a stable dune area.

Nest 8

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