The Dewees Island Arts Council maintains the Gallery Space at Huyler House and offers frequent art exhibitions.  They also manage a permanent collection for the community.  Here are some of the items in our permanent collection:  

Doug Lapham

Doug and Toone Lapham were Dewees Island residents in the 90’s and 2000’s.  Doug is a metal artish, and the first piece of art you discover on your journey to Dewees is the Sheepshead weather vane atop the ferry landing.  Doug also created the pineapple sculpture currently housed near the pool, the cloud gate at the Administration building, the metal doors in the credenza at the Huyler House, the chimney decorations at Huyler House, and the structures that hold together the skeletons of the pygmy sperm whale and the alligator in the nature center.

Sheepshead Weather Vane By Doug Lapham
Dewees Island Arts Council permanent collection
Cloud Gate at the Admin building
Dewees Island Arts Council permanent collection
Doug Lapham Cloud Gate
Dewees Island Arts Council permanent collection
Doug Lapham Pineapple Sculpture

Diane Kliros

Diane Kliros was a resident of Dewees who worked in oils on linen. She created a collection of shorebirds for the Dewees Island Conservancy: a full set of giclees hangs in the Sweetgrass suite. Her wood stork painting is also part of the permanent collection.s

Dewees Island Arts Council permanent collection
Diane Kliros Blackbellied Plover
Diane Kliros Red Knot
Dewees Island Arts Council permanent collection
Diane Kliros. with Wood Stork
The art of Diane Kliros in the Landings

Kelley Luikey

Bluffton based Kelley Luikey had a show on Dewees, and there are several of her pieces in the permanent collection. We actually have two copies of her barred owl piece.

Dewees Island Arts Council Permanent collection
Kelley Luikey Great Egret
Kelley Luikey Barred Owl Photo on Canvas
Kelley Luikey Prothonotary Warbler

Mary Edna Frasier

Wharton Winstead and Kathryn Banks

Wharton, a photographer, and Kathryn, a collage artist had a home with two studios on Dewees, and provided several pieces to the permanent collection.