Every Wednesday brings a lively gathering of island women to the Huyler House. (Since Covid, we’ve been on Zoom). Alternately known as the Roundtable Coffee Group, Ladies roundtable, or Wednesday coffee group, it’s an informal gathering of island women to share joys and concerns, resources, and create those connections with our neighbors that make island living so special. (One winter visitor who had spent time in rural Africa likened us to the group of women who gathered in the heat of the day under a tree to swap stories, make jokes, and guide community decisions.) Sometimes the island manager even drops in to get our opinions on something!

We definitely laugh a lot! Hostess duties are voluntary and rotate. Sometimes there are snacks, sometimes there are not, and any way the hostess wants to play it is fine with the group. Generally, though, it’s supposed to be unfussy. Most full-time residents schedule their weeks around coffee, and new owners and out-of-towners are always welcome. It’s such fun that even in VERY inclement weather, most of us venture out in the weather, knowing that there’s a smile and a cup of warmth once we get there. Once in a while, we mix things up and gather at someone’s home, in which case there will be an email update in advance. You don’t need to tell anyone you are coming: just drop in at Huyler House on Wednesdays at 9:30. To get put on the mailing list and let Alicia know you’d like to be in the loop. It’s a roundtable on purpose, which means we don’t have a leader, but Alicia takes notes and shares news-y information even if you can’t get there.

Things you might learn:

  • who is sick and who has recovered,
  • whose birthday is coming up
  • whose children and grandchildren are on the island,
  • where to get (and not to get) a haircut or piece of jewelry fixed,
  • what foods new restaurants are serving,
  • what birds have been seen around the island,
  • what appetizer to bring to the next happy hour,
  • when there’s practice for the summer musical,
  • who is bringing what to the next party

The mailing list is separate from the POA, so make sure Ginny has your information.  Please think about joining us!