Giant Swallowtail
Giant swallowtail nectaring on Toothache tree
The Giant Swallowtail Butterfly, Papillo cresphontes, is found all over Dewees Island in fairly large numbers.  It is our biggest butterfly, at 4-6 inches.  They have yellow spots at the bottom of their hindwings and the yellow on the tops makes a cross near the edges.  They have blue and maroon spots as well.  They lay eggs on the Toothache trees along Dewees Inlet Drive and along Capers Inlet Drive.  Look for them nectaring on Marsh Mallow and thistle along the roadsides.

giant swallowtail butterfly on toothache tree
Their chrysalis looks a little like bird dung, which might keep it safer longer. This was behind the landings building right near the toothache tree on the stairs.

giant swallowtail chrysalis
giant swallowtail chrysalis

giant swallowtail laying eggs
Giant swallowtail laying eggs on toothache tree

giant swallowtails in flight on Dewees Island: photo Kai Noack
photo, Kai Noack

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