The Dewees Island Archives Committee

The Dewees Island Archives committee keeps records and artifacts on the natural and human history of the island.  If you would like to join the Archives Committee, email Barbara McIntyre.  Current members include Chris and Jill John, Judy Drew Fairchild, Park Westerfield, Ron Cooper, and Kendall John.

The archives committee maintains exhibits on the second floor of the Landings building, where you can see photographs and other evidence of the history of Dewees Island. There are also resources in the Huyler House Library.

Dewees Island Archives Exhibit for POA Weekend

Dewees has a rich and varied history: from the earliest native Americans to the current sustainable community.  When islanders find cool stuff (pottery shards, bullets, buttons, cannonballs, etc.) they are encouraged to bring them to the collection in the Landings Building.  Everyone can share in the fun of identifying and learning from all of this stuff.

from the Archives collection

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