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Spend an Afternoon on the Creek at Saltwater Cowboys

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If you’re looking for the perfect lowcountry lunch spot, head on over to Shem Creek to Saltwater Cowboys.  This restaurant is the perfect place to impress out of town friends or hang with the locals. It’s located right on Shem Creek, where boaters, kayakers, and paddleboarders provide an endless parade of entertainment.

We were also delighted to see a dolphin surface right in front of us, wander up the creek, and circle back down.

With live music, cold beer, perfect outdoor bar space and tables, three levels of indoor dining, and an incredible location, the food doesn’t have to be that great to get people over there. But here’s the thing.  The food is also incredible.

photo provided

Over the last several visits, we’ve tried the pork rinds, the bacon pimiento cheese, the trash can nachos, the seafood ceviche, the smoked fish spread, the fried shrimp, and the pulled pork sandwiches.  It’s all good! And the best part is that you’ll feel like you’re on vacation, even if you only have a few hours to feel that way!

trash can nachos: worth it!

If you’re a boater, you can even get to the restaurant right from Dewees Island without getting in your car; you’ll take the waterway to Charleston Harbor, then turn right inside Mount Pleasant.

It’s not a particularly fast ride, but you may see some hilarious things out on the waterway, like this guy skiing behind a personal watercraft.

It’s probably amazing for happy hour or dinner too!  We just tend to go for lunch dates. Dark and Stormy?

photo provided by Saltwater Cowboys

Island friend Brett Yearout is a partner in this venture, and he’s pretty excited to share it with you.  Of the success of the restaurant, he says, “It’s a great combination of location and food, and we were thrilled to see it take off the way it did. Whether it’s the atmosphere, the food, or the drinks that pull you in — Saltwater Cowboys is sure to have you hooked after your first visit. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there for whatever the occasion may be! “

Restaurant Review

Need some extraordinary cupcakes? Try Sugar Bakeshop!

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Tucked in 59-1/2 Cannon Street next to the Y, there is a sweet little bakery that’s not too far out of the way if you are downtown or coming across Charleston on the crosstown.   Sugar Bakeshop has great sweet tea, innovative popsicles, and gorgeous cupcakes.  At 3$ each, they are a slightly better bargain than the other stores that sell primarily cupcakes.  They even have ginger dog biscuits.  With a tiny courtyard that feels like a bit of history, Sugar Bakery will have you dreaming of a raspberry topped, lime-custard filled butter confection, or red velvet, or maple pecan caramel frosting, or…..  you get the point.  There are a lot of innovative touches here, from the hand lettered labels on old fashioned paper tags to the huge and tempting cookies on the counter, to the unusual popsicle flavors.  If you are touring the Charleston area with kids, this would be a fun break from the usual haunts!

My favorite flavor so far is definitely the raspberry-topped lime cupcake.  But I can’t wait to explore other flavors.  Cannon is a one way street, towards the Cooper River, so plan accordingly.


Restaurant Review

Best Burger Around? Poes. Hands Down.

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Outdoor seating at Poe's

Poes is a small burger joint on Sullivan’s island, and if you have time to grab lunch or supper there, you won’t be disappointed.  They have a full bar, a simple menu, and fun outdoor seating.  It is close enough to the ocean that you can smell the sea air mixing with the fabulous french fries.  Not just for burgers, the menu boasts great fish tacos and grilled chicked sandwiches too.  And we hear their salads are good too, but we can’t ever get past those great burgers/nachos/mahi tacos to order one.

The name refers to a rather famous soldier stationed on Sullivan’s Island at the turn of the last century, Edgar Allen Poe, who set his story Goldbug there.  There is even a legend that he first heard the story that would become Annabel Lee in a tavern downtown.

Poes used to allow dogs on the patio, but it looks like new regulations prohibit that.

Check out this article on The Literary Traveler about Edgar Allen Poe’s history on Sullivan’s Island.

Restaurant Review

Coupon for the Long Island Cafe

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If you are not familiar with Groupon, it’s a social media site which promotes local businesses at a discounted level.  Today’s deal is for the Long Island Cafe, near the Red and White on the Isle of Palms.  Click here to sign up and get 40 dollars worth of food for $20.  I am a fan of their salmon BLT, if it is still on the menu.