Cedar Waxwings and Robins

The high pitched whistles of Cedar Waxwings give them away before you see them, and sometimes they are hiding in plain sight.  Large flocks of Cedar Waxwings have been breezing…

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Internet Access – November 2019 Update

Our cellular LTE residential data service has dramatically improved. With excellent technical and customer support help from Elliott Friedman at E. T. Friedman Consulting, we ordered a new MoFi v2…

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Prepping for storms

At the moment, all eyes are on hurricane Dorian. I get asked a lot of questions about hurricanes, and normally when we're prepping to leave or hunker down, everything is…

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An Evening at Big Bend Dock

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An evening at Big Bend Dock I walk across the long, narrow dock toward what can only be considered an island edge, the intermediary zone between civilization and creation. I…

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