American Redstarts, SetoAMREphaga ruticilla are very colorful warblers that migrate through Dewees Island in August, September, and November. There is one recorded sighting of them in May, (and I’ve caught them at the banding station on Sullivan’s Island in spring,) but they are more commonly seen during fall migration. Large groups of females and juveniles can be seen along the roadways in the oak trees and brush, flashing their signature yellow tail highlights. Males are black and orange, and females and juveniles are more grayish in color with yellow/orange markings.  This post from October 2011 has more photos, information,  and a photo of their nest.   They are known in the tropics as the Christmas bird, because that is when they usually arrive.

yellow tail flashes of American Redstart
juvenile American Redstart, Dewees Island
American Redstart

AMRE male
Male redstart, photo from Cathy Miller, Pluff Mud Perspectives

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