Located near Charleston, South Carolina, Dewees Island is a unique barrier island community. It is reachable by ferry from the Isle of Palms. There are only 150 homesites, surrounded by hundred of acres of pristine forest, marsh and beach. Each lot is about an acre, but owners can only disturb a small footprint. The houses are nestled in the trees; many have dramatic views of the ocean or marsh. The beach stretches for nearly 3 miles. The entire island is a nature preserve, with abundant fish and wildlife and great birdwatching. Our island Nature Center staff members conduct environmental research and provide programs to help people explore and understand the ecosystems around them.

Dewees is an inter-generational community of lifelong learners, appreciating our precious natural resources and preserving them for the future. Written by the husband and wife team of Reggie and Judy Drew Fairchild, the purpose of this blog is to create a community of people who know all about the island– the warm friendships found there, the environmental mission, day-to-day happenings, and the ecosystems and animals that call the island home. It is not a place for official island communication and does not represent the position of the POA staff or board.

Judy is a certified South Carolina Master Naturalist, educator and avid photographer. She can be reached at Judydrewfairchild@gmail.com.

Reggie Fairchild loves sailing, the great outdoors, and technology. He can be reached at Reggie@flipflopsandpearls.com.

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  1. Bubber

    Reggie—-thank goodness we have a blog that addresses our environmental issues with great photos and good advice; succinct and to the point which increases the likelihood the message will be read and acknowledged in my opinion. Great job—I have subscribed!

  2. Gary aka Beach Moe

    Me too !

  3. Sue Porretto

    Reggie– think it is great that you are taking and posting summary notes. Our Project teams used them routinely and they helped us stayed connected and on the same page by focussing on the major points/outcomes that are sometimes lost in minutes. Well done. One minor correction — our last name is PORRETTO– Cheers~

  4. jim mack

    My entire family will miss you. Your smile and firm handshake always meant the beginning of another great visit to Dewees.
    Jim, Barbara, Daniel, David, Erica Mack

  5. tomfreeland

    Dammit was started by Tom Freeland, Tom Templeton and Tom Meacham in 1997 at Surf side Beach. See article in Sept. 2007 of the Charleston’s Blique written by Benjy Cooke. Tom (Mr. Dammit) Freeland

  6. Larry Dewees e

    My name is Deweese, My question is how did Dewees Island get it,s name and if a Deweese what was his full name?

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