More Aerials from December 17 Nor’Easter

Some folks have requested these photos as they navigate insurance.  It’s been six weeks, and we are almost back to normal.  

Mid Storm December 17

When my next door neighbor and I realized we couldn’t even navigate between our houses on dry land, Reggie flew the drone to see what the roads on the island were like.  Here is a link to the complete gallery of those photos, with some selected pics and slideshow below.

Chapel Pond Dock Walkway under water
carts moved and wrack piled at causeway
Old House Lane Water
impoundment with no delineation
Huyler House pond over its banks and Dewees Inlet Drive

December 17 part 2

When we realized we hadn’t really looked at the beachfront, he sent the drone up again to see what we could learn there.  The entire gallery is here.

Essentially, the tide surge pushed most of the dunes landward: from the aerials you can see how much sand was moved.  The parking area for Ancient Dunes was lifted up at the edges and the boardwalk slipped downward, rendering this beach access path unusable until further notice. Needlerush walk had been shorn off.  Water had fulled in behind the dunes.  The floater for Lone Cedar dock had moved off its tethers and washed in.

sand in the maritime forest
Needlerush Walk
Water intrusion behind the dune lines
lone cedar
lone cedar

December 18 Post Storm

By December 18, the water had begun to dissipate.  Here is the complete gallery from the 18th. 

The road to the north end was relatively intact, and our resiliency berms had helped some, but there were multiple spots where Lake Timicau had exchanged water directly with the ocean.

North of Osprey Walk
Front beach aerial

December 19

The final set of photos can be found here. We wanted to see what the sand deposits looked at low tide.