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Saturday Evening with J. Drew Lanham

Dr. J. Drew Lanham to Bring Clemson Students to Dewees

One of my favorite things here on Dewees is the connections we have with other institutions and like minded organizations.  Way back in 2012, Dr. J. Drew Lanham came to Dewees to teach a Palmetto Pro Birder Class, as hurricane Sandy passed by the coast.  We’re so excited that he will be here this weekend with a group of Clemson Students.  

Now a Published Author and MacArthur Genius Grant Recipient

Since that first visit, Dr. Lanham has been back a few times to bird and play, and he has published several books of reflections and poetry.  Here are three of his books you can buy on Amazon before he comes: 

His poetry was featured in this exhibit with Mary Edna Frazer at the Aiken Rhett House, and is currently on display at the Charleston Museum in an exhibit titled “a Feel Guide to John James Audubon’s Birds of America. He has written for Orion Magazine and countless other publications, and his approach to changing the world and the conservation conversation with love have earned him a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship.  

Dr. Lanham was also part of the announcement of the discovery of Whimbrel at Deveaux bank, and his voice (and poem) is in this movie about Deveaux.

Dr. Lanham is still a Clemson professor, and this weekend, he’ll be staying at Huyler House with 8 students, as well as Professor Lilly Langlois.  You may see them birding around the island, and island residents are welcome to join us for pot luck supper on Saturday night, where we’re hoping to coax him into signing some books and reading us a poem. Please let me know if you’re planning to come so I can plan seating!

Academic partnerships

Our island community has the unique advantage of being able to host scholars and students.  Several groups from Academic Magnet High School have been here in recent weeks with their marine biology classes, and former intern Chris Johnson (now the Sustainability Coordinator for Winthrop University) brought a group of students to the island last week.  We are fortunate to have an ongoing partnership with Berry College for summer interns and coyote research, as well as the College of Charleston’s geology department, and we look forward to developing even more partnerships.

Extreme birding in Costa Rica

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