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The Old Fashioned Joys of July 4 on Dewees Island

It’s been a great weekend on the island: the weather is gorgeous and the traditions are in full swing as we started the weekend with food truck and then a creek float and dock picnic.  On the fourth, which is traditionally the busiest day on the island, we have a beach fun run and golf cart parade, and often there’s a crowd down at the ferry dock, watching the fireworks on the mainland.

Food Truck

Part a thank-you to our amazing staff, part a community building exercise with the IOPPD and Fire Department, and part fun alternative to a regular Friday, our first food truck day was a big success.  The Renegade Chef prepared Kung Pao shrimp tacos and Mediterranean chicken and Bulgogi and more!  It was such a fun event, and I will follow them all over for more tacos.  Over 100 people stopped by for lunch.

Creek Float

We usually start at Lone Cedar dock on an outgoing tide and float with the current out to big bend dock, where we grab a snack and some people jump into the water.  It’s like having our own lazy river.  Honestly, there is something pure magic about swimming in the marsh, toes squishing in the pluff mud as you push off in the shallows, giggles and salt water and that whoosh of the current when it finally grabs you and starts propelling you along, the sounds of the marsh wrens serenading your journey.  If you haven’t done this, please join in the next time we decide to float.

Fun Run

Bubber and Jan outdid themselves again with this great activity and party. We met on the beach, raced 1/2 mile, and whoever got closest to their predicted time won the prize.  Jane won this year!

Golf Cart Parade

Still a winner, the golf cart parade is always something to look forward to.  At my house, the dogs even helped get ready.

Beach and Fireworks at the Dock

It was unusual for there to be big rollers at the beach, but we definitely had some decent waves.

And it was such fun to find neighbors enjoying the views of land-based (or boat-based) fireworks at the end of the day.