You are currently viewing Huyler House Suites get spruced up for owners and guests.

Huyler House Suites get spruced up for owners and guests.

The suites at Huyler House are open again for owners, their guests, and lot owners using their “free nights” to enjoy the island before building.   We’re so lucky to have the guest house available on the island: it makes it so none of us need to build extra rooms for those few nights when we have everyone in the family here.  Because of COVID, there are extra precautions and spacing out of guests, so you might need to be patient in terms of getting a reservation.  The community had a socially distant re-opening ceremony on November 22, and we were lucky to get our favorite interior photographer Tom Jenkins to take some photos so we can show you the upgrades.  We also did some virtual tours so distant owners can see all the changes from the comfort of their own homes.

Sweetgrass Suite

Sweetgrass is the smallest suite, with a studio layout and a kitchenette as part of the main room.  There is a king sized bed that can be made into twins. 

Sea Oats

Sea Oats is the largest suite.  If you think of all four suites as four rooms over four rooms, Sea Oats is the one that stretches over the first floor only suite (Sweetgrass).  There is a king sized master bedroom on the top landing, attached to a twin loft, with the bathroom on that level.  The living floor has a full kitchen with breakfast bar, a dining area, and a living area with access to the back porch.

Spartina Suite

The Spartina suite features a loft over the main living area and sleeps 4: two in the loft queen and two an a really comfortable sleeper sofa in the living room.  The bathroom is on the first level.

Foxtail Suite

Foxtail is a mirror opposite of Spartina, with a loft queen bed and a downstairs kitchen, living area, and bathroom.  It is the only suite that allows dogs.