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Holidays close out 2020 in style!

It’s been a crazy year, 2020, and we were grateful for a chance to see socially distanced friends and family on the island this year. We put together a few videos and photos from Thanksgiving through New Year.  For the first time, we had a turkey trot at Thanksgiving:

And then we had a Birthday Parade for our friend and previous board chair Anne:

There were decorations of all sorts around the island: a lit tree graced the ferry dock, as did a Santa.  Lori’s grapevine and cedar wreaths were a big hit, and the fire station and ferry dock both had light displays.

And then we were treated to a relatively rare astronomical phenomena as Jupiter and Saturn aligned to form the “Christmas Star.” For several nights, both Jupiter and Saturn were close enough that we could see Jupiter’s moons and Saturns rings with scopes and binoculars.  I posted on my social media that I wasn’t sure which was my favorite part: the sunset was magnificent that night, and I could hear neighbors down at the dock looking up and giggling.  My own telescope from the roof elicited audible gasps from my own family. The great horned owls were calling softly and the ducks were whistling and the fish were jumping and it was all completely magic.

Dewees Real Estate’s social media account noticed that elf off the shelf and all over the island this year!

Like everything else, Santa came to Dewees by boat! 

On New Years eve, we decided not to gather as usual to watch the fireworks (on TV, in England) at the Huyler House; instead we opted for a tailgate toast to sunset at the Ferry dock.

And while it looked like the weather might not cooperate, we had a few great hours of sunshine on New Year’s day for a Polar Plunge that was really well attended this year:

Here’s a look back at a holiday post from 2016, when the weather was great.  It was a far cry from snowfall the previous year.  In much the same manner, although Christmas day was really cold this year, New Year’s was a balmy 70+ degrees; perfect for a polar bear plunge and much warmer than the same weekend in 2018, which began a week that ended in 5 inches of snow.

If you’re interested in stories of past holidays on Dewees, you might like this post about 2014 and 1924.