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More than a Neighborhood

I suppose it’s time for a quarantine update for those readers who haven’t been to the island for a while.  Life continues, with some modifications, including the ferry schedule. But the last few weeks have reminded me that our community is strong, and we look out for each other, even when we disagree. We are more than a neighborhood.  

Birthday Party:

“The underlying message of the Neighborhood, is that if somebody cares about you, it’s possible that you’ll care about others. ‘You are special, and so is your neighbor’—that part is essential: that you’re not the only special person in the world.”

Fred Rogers

And so we all gathered (from a distance) for a drive-by birthday party for a 10 year old.  On a rainy day, after 9 weeks (!) of this weird new world, the community was invited to a “drive-by” birthday at the Ferry dock. At the end of the day he told his mom that THIS was his favorite birthday. And these were his reasons why:


1. Because his friends Miss Judy and Kate and Reggie and Tucker made him Pokemon cupcakes.

2. Because all his friends who live on dewees but weren’t here today sent him cards and surprises in the mail. (I won’t list you all, but every card made him giggle and smile and read loudly!)

3. Because his friend William came to the house and put together his tent and bought some super cool outdoor gadgets.

4. Because more friends and their dogs came to the ferry dock to sing happy birthday and bring him even more surprises like pool toys and gaming cards and a super serious soaker water gun.

5. Because the fire truck showed up and Matt let him use the hose and blast water.


She shared: “We are in quarantine, and the last few days Ian was pretty bummed that his friends couldn’t come over for a pool party this year and that he wasn’t going to have people sing happy birthday and he thought it would just be a few presents from his brother and family.

Instead he is falling asleep in his tent right now with the biggest smile on his face.
Because of all of you.

Environmental Stewardship

As the beaches opened up to boaters, the inlets were pretty crowded.  We had some volunteers who went down to help people understand about our nesting birds. Here’s Barbara McIntyre rocking it on the beach.

These are the two species trying to nest here right now:

Local produce Delivery

Lowcountry Street Grocery has been making weekly stops at the ferry dock, bringing fresh produce, local dairy, locally roasted coffee, etc. When we’re all doing our own thing, it’s been fun to see each other at the pick up on Fridays. And the produce is fabulous!

Memorial Day Barbecue

A HUGE thanks to the Connelly family, who used the new barbecue over at Huyler House to make takeout barbecue for the island.  It was a long way from our usual boisterous gathering but, again, such a happy thing to see everyone.  And a big thanks to all who helped, including Alicia and the Social committee!

Ladies Coffee

Thanks to the miracles of technology, Ladies Roundtable coffee is still going strong: on Wednesdays we still gather to share news and information, and support one another through the challenges life (and quarantine) brings.  We’ve heard from the island manager, met and gotten to know the interns, and collaborated with recipes for those of us that didn’t know how to cook something that came in the produce box.

More than a Neighborhood

Whether it’s a socially distanced walk, or cocktail for the sunset at the memory garden, or yelling “honk” at a recent graduation sign, we all find ourselves connected by our shared common experiences.  As Alicia said, “We talk about the spirit of Dewees a lot. But today, it was in your face, down at the dock, around the island, in the air, AND on both my kids faces. Today will live in our memories for a lifetime. Thanks y’all. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. ♥️”