Introducing “Dispatches from Dewees” by Monica Graff

New resident Monica Graff has been writing a blog called Dispatches from Dewees, and you really need to check it out!

One of the best parts of selling real estate and working with renters has been getting to see the island through new eyes every time I take someone on a tour. That first awe of the quiet, the fun of being in an open golf cart on unpaved roads, the magical appearance of wildlife within easy reach of a camera lens.

I remember my first visit to the island in 2003 and the way I knew Dewees was for us the minute I stepped foot on the old Aggie Gray ferry. The shells on the beach made me swoon. And the birds. And the silence save for the sound of birdsong.

When I drive around the island with new folks, I get to experience my joy again and I get to participate in theirs.

Monica was one of those enthusiastic tour participants last spring, and it only took one additional visit for her and husband Chris to make Dewees Island part of their future. Monica is a writer whose work has been published in various online journals and print anthologies, including Bright Bones: An Anthology of Contemporary Montana Writing (Open Country Press, 2018) and Burgers and Barrooms: Poems and Stories (Main Street Rag, 2017). You can check out all of this from her site You can follow along with her Dewees Journey, or her experiences living in a yurt in Montana, or her travels elsewhere in the world.


She’s connected with our community on Dewees quickly, establishing our Little Free Library and stocking it with books. Monica now serves on the Dewees Island Conservancy board and participates in all sorts of island activities. Check out Dispatches from Dewees for yourself here. I think you’ll love her writing and humor!