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Island Artist Esther Piazza Doyle

Giving through Art

Artists are givers. Through their art, they share with the world their talent and bring focus to the beauty in the world, both large and small. Esther Piazza Doyle, a multi-talented artist who lives full-time on Dewees with her husband Jim, is taking that one step further and using her art to give much needed money to help the people and animals affected by the fires in Australia.

Joey by Esther Piazza Doyle
Scratch Art by Esther Piazza Doyle
Owl scratch art in progress by Esther Piazza Doyle

When I say multi-talented, I am not kidding. Recently, Judy Fairchild and I had the chance to tour Esther’s workshop and studio on Dewees. Wow. We went from watching her work with raw wood turning bowls with chisels to knitting to scratch art to wood burning. She also works with water colors, acrylics, colored pencils and often combines these into mixed media pieces. Amazing.

Esther does incredible work in a variety of media. Her scratch art was featured in a 2016 show on Dewees with Susan Mashman. (Check out this post in which Esther explains the process.) Recently she’s added wood burning to her portfolio.

Through an online group, Animal Rescue Craft Guild, (ARGC), Esther learned about the massive need for blankets, beds and other knittable items for animals in response to the tragic fires in Australia. So, she took up her needles and began using her talent to help animals and people literally a world away. Esther was not the only artist who responded, and soon the Guild was overwhelmed with the logistics of getting all these beds distributed and stored. They asked that people hold off on sending fabric beds, so Esther began selling her art locally in order to send money money for food, medicines, and medicinal supplies to the animal rescue efforts in Australia. She says, 

As a big lover of animals both wild and domestic, and a wildlife artist, I’ve been so moved by the devastating brush fires in Australia.  It brings me to tears to think of and to see the huge loss of animals. I joined ARCG and started crocheting nests and blankets for the rescued orphans and injured animals.  

It only took about 10 minutes for Esther’s work to become the favorite beds of Bastet Graff and @bennethecat. The beds are made of a thick soft chenille, so they come together pretty quickly and make a soft, comfy spot for cats.

crocheted art by Esther Piazza Doyle

This scratch art piece was done to illustrate the dire situation of Australia’s wildfires. All of Esther’s proceeds from the sale of the piece will go to helping wildlife.

Australian Wildfire Scratch Art by Esther Piazza Doyle

You can catch Esther’s art show tomorrow evening (Saturday March 14th) at Perspective Gallery in Mount Pleasant from 4:00 – 6:00 pm at 1055 Johnnie Dodds Blvd in the Crickentree Village Shopping Center. To order blankets or turned wood, email her at