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Internet Access – November 2019 Update

Our cellular LTE residential data service has dramatically improved. With excellent technical and customer support help from Elliott Friedman at E. T. Friedman Consulting, we ordered a new MoFi v2 LTE cellular router, attached it to 2 Wilson yagi antennas and a Netgear Orbi mesh network.

Now our network is

  • faster (roughly 9 MB download, 16 MB upload and 40 ms ping)
  • more reliable (less jitter, less downtime in our initial tests, and
  • better supported.

We’re using about $1,000 of gear — but you might not need it all. You might get away with spending only $500 (talk to Elliott) plus installation/consulting. The ongoing cost is $99/month without contracts or caps. We’re exploring other service options, including the new T-Mobile stationary service, that might cut the cost roughly in half in coming months.

We’ve heard from Elliott that he has another Dewees client with higher speeds. Together we’re exploring why our service isn’t as fast.

We first met Elliott because of the Dewees Island Bird Cam project. We’ve found him to be very knowledgeable, responsive and customer friendly. He’ll figure out what’s best for your situation (and not use some generic solution that only works at someone else’s house). The easiest way to reach Elliott is via email: . He can also be reached by text or voice at 843-882-5299.

Technology keeps moving. For historical perspective, here are some links to previous articles on this subject. They’re getting stale, but still, have some interesting information: