New Dewees Island Ferry Video Now Available to Share with Guests

As part of the Residential Use group, we looked at revising the map (which we talked about here), and providing guests with videos that prepare them for a visit on Dewees.  One video that needed updating was the 2014 Dewees Island ferry transportation video, which did not have the new schedule.  

We are pleased to announce that here is the new video: Catching the Dewees Island Ferry   We are pretty excited about the addition of drone footage from Reggie’s aerial perspective.

It addresses how to find the marina, luggage carts, ferry etiquette, calling for a return ferry, and golf carts. You can share this with your visitors and family by sending this link to them:

If you put that link in a gmail, it will automatically attach the video.  We are updating the app, and as soon as the new interface rolls out, we’ll put it in there too!

This one is also old, but still relevant:  How to Pack for Dewees island. It addresses the fact that we have limited garbage and recycling capacity, and why not to bring individual bottles of water.

You can also share that link by copying and pasting this:

If you’re a homeowner, please consider sharing with your guests. If you are planning to visit this summer, please share with all members of your party. And stay tuned: we’ve got more videos to come.