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Local Author Signe Pike describes Dewees

Local author Signe Pike released her new book today, and I got an advanced reader copy and LOVED it!  Our island friends over at Buxton Books hosted a launch party for her on Sunday night.  Several of us hated to miss the annual dammit!ball championship, but enjoyed her reading from her book at a lovely reception hosted by our friends at Buxton Books.

I first met Signe on the Dewees Island ferry when she rented from us years ago.  Here is a photo of her on Dewees Island, reveling in the easy discovery of sand dollars and shells on the beach:

Signe Pike on Dewees

Signe describes her first visit here:

“Visiting Dewees was like stepping behind a veil. The enchantment of the island struck me instantaneously, the moment I stepped on board the boat. Unspoiled is the word that comes to mind. It is an island where nature is still queen, and she graciously permits us to walk the breadth of her kingdom. I felt a deep and inexplicable connection to the landscape there. The only way to describe it would be to say it felt like coming home.”

Her first non-fiction memoir details her journey from a New York book editor to explorer of faery magic in the UK~ it’s a hilarious and entertaining read which I thoroughly enjoyed.  As a long time fan of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon, I have been crazy about the King Arthur legend for ages.  She researched all the places I dreamed about visiting.  When island friend Mary Alice Monroe introduced Signe on Saturday evening, she remembers encouraging her to write the story, to make it fiction.

Signe brings scholarship and a lyric narrative voice to the story, delving into a real-life Scottish queen who was the twin of the “real Merlin”, telling the story so vividly and at such a great pace that didn’t want it to end.  She read from some passages of the book at the harbor club Sunday night.

I hate to have to wait for the next two books in the trilogy!  Hopefully we’ll be seeing her more on the island, but I have a feeling her world is about to take off.

You can grab a signed copy of this book downtown at Buxton Books, (if you haven’t been there, you should check it out!!!) or a kindle copy with the link at the bottom.

Signe’s world view fits right into everything Dewees.  We hope she’ll get back here soon.  Meanwhile, enjoy her books and this lovely thought from the preface to Faery Tale:

Please tread lightly and with respect.  Leave each place better, in some way, than when you came, and most important, be prepared to see everything… with a grateful and open heart.