You are currently viewing New Bestseller from Mary Alice Monroe Features Dewees

New Bestseller from Mary Alice Monroe Features Dewees

Island friend Mary Alice Monroe has just released Beach House Reunion, her fifth novel in the Beach House series that she started in 2002. This is my favorite of the series: and not just because she heals some old family rifts and ties up loose ends: this book does a wonderful job following a family beyond a crisis and weaving in a lot of natural history facts.  AND, it has Dewees in it, so that’s always fun.  Mary Alice says this about Dewees on her blog:

It’s the kind of community many of us yearn for…a place away from the busyness of traffic congestion, the noise of shopping centers, a place where neighbors know each other and help each other. Residents and guests are surrounded by miles of pristine forestland that beckons you to explore, where wildlife and people live together in harmony. And the creeks and ocean invite you to catch your meal for the night.

In a post on Mary Alice’s blog in 2018, I wrote about why I love living and learning here,

…it’s the wonder that I can’t get enough of. Everyday brings something incredible to experience. Tonight at the dock, a young family arrived back on Dewees by ferry after eating dinner on the Isle of Palms.  The stars were sparkling above: with no streetlights to our north, the dark skies can be incredible.  And in the water, early bioluminescence is making its first summer appearance. Awe and wonder and laughter floated past on the breeze as they trailed their fingertips in the water at the dock, creating sparkles in the water.  Just a bit of everyday Dewees magic.

Here are some of the descriptions of Dewees In her newest novel, Dewees first makes an appearance on page 104, where David has relocated.  He says:

The folks on Dewees are genuine.  And quite social.

I think that sums things up! David has moved into a new house: (this house is actually for sale: click here or email Judy if you’d like more info)

And Cara comes to the island to visit:

Mary Alice Monroe describes the first impression of Dewees:

and how perplexing that can be to first time visitors:

And she tours around the island:

Impressed by our wildlife.

She even mentions alligators, from one of my favorite spots on the island for wildlife watching:

You can click here for a page with a lot more photos that might be in a Mary Alice Monroe novel.

Mary Alice and Angela May came to the island last week to do a little research.  We watched the sun set from the porch of 126 (David’s house in the novel) and storms roll in.  We went on a night drive to listen to the frogs and chuck-wills-widows,  and joined in for the turtle team’s early walk:

If you’d like to experience Dewees with Mary Alice, you can buy a ticket for her tour benefitting the Dewees Island Conservancy’s Lake Timicau Restoration Project.  Click here to buy your ticket: tour is limited to 12. The auction also has several Dewees vacations so you can experience the island for yourself!  And if you don’t win one of those, you can book a weeks vacation at the house mentioned (Island Breeze) in the novel with a $100 discount: Go to and Use Code MONROE100.

Below are some links to Mary Alice’s books:

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