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Coyote Pup plays on the beach

This morning’s turtle walk yielded a great sunrise, and the opportunity to watch a coyote puppy play with a ghost crab.  I came onto the beach at Ancient Dunes, and there was a young coyote right there, who took off into the woods right away.  This is good news, because it means our coyote hazing is working and they are wary of people.  As we made our way up the beach all the way to the corner at Capers Inlet, we saw lots of birds, including Black Skimmers and Wilson’s Plovers.  On our way back, Carey and I were just about at the shorebird area when we spied a young coyote hanging out in the wax myrtle “boneyard”.  He was aware of us, and watched from the relative safety of his den.  The tide was low, and we stayed near the water’s edge to watch.  (We were FAR away, I promise, but this canon camera has a heck of a zoom.)

He or she watched us for a second and got distracted by the movement of a ghost crab nearby:

And he began to chase it toward us:

The ghost crab came into view:

coyote puppy on Dewees Island

But this one did not want to be a plaything for the coyote:

Coyote puppy plays with ghost crab

Everyone’s gotta eat, and the coyote wasn’t daunted by this one’s claws.  Here is the coyote with the ghost crab remains dangling:

Undaunted, he found another one:

And played like a puppy:

Eventually, the coyote puppy took his crab back into the boneyard and disappeared from sight.

For more about living with coyotes on Dewees, click here. We will report the encounter for the data, but aren’t concerned because he was avoiding us, and never came close enough to even haze him.  I really do love this canon camera: link below.  The big zoom is a big bonus!  Today was a good reminder of why to get up early and help the turtle team: the light and the wildlife is best in the early morning.