Fred the Snake visits the Beach

Fred the Snake visits the Beach

If you are looking for a fun kids book that features Dewees Island, you can pick up Fred the Snake and Friends Go to the Beach, by island resident Dr. Peter Cotton. In this fifth installment of Fred the Snake’s adventures, Fred and his friends hop the ferry to Dewees.  You’ll find a lot of the things that make Dewees fun for kids: golf carts, the ferry ride, fishing, sandcastles, etc.  Dr. Cotton is an award winning author of both children’s books and a medical book~ you can learn more here. Here is a blog story about his book, The Tunnel at the End of the Light. 



When asked how he got started writing the Fred the snake books, he said,

I wrote the first story for Nicky and Andy when they were small, to teach them how not to cross the road. They were fond of Fred-Fred as they called him (as being in 2 pieces for a while), and asked where he was when they had their kids. Which stimulated me to find an illustrator and publish starting in 2011.

You can even find some references to our turtle team.

The fun rhymes and whimsical illustrations make Fred the snake a great one for sharing with young visitors.  The book is available on his website, and in the Dewees Island bookstore, and at

We’ll take the ferry, now, be quick, say hello to Captain Rick. He gives all an easy ride, and soon we reach the island side……..