Eclipse Planning Underway for Dewees

Eclipse Planning Underway for Dewees

Fun on Dewees

On Monday, August 21st, there is a total solar eclipse across most of the country, finishing up right over our island. We are pretty excited about it, and trying to plan ahead for a bunch of things.  On the FUN front, the interns have set up a geocache course that can be done at night, beginning at the landings building.  If you didn’t do the geocache that was set up during the winter holiday, here’s your chance to get in on the fun.  At the back of the Landings building, there’s a box with the first clue.  Have fun!

Trying to get your head around the size of the solar system? Or explain it to your kids?  Lori and the interns have also set up a solar system walk that begins at the ferry dock.  Look up, and the sun is right above your head inside the ferry dock.

Walk down the dock for a scale model demonstration of all the planets. to get to the end of the solar system, you have to go a long way:


On Friday, August 18, there will be a presentation at happy hour with representatives from NASA and the College of Charleston.  Come find out more about eclipses.

If you haven’t gotten your eclipse glasses (and you ordered them) get them from Lori, and she ordered more; so check with her or order from amazon.

There will be kids activities the day of the eclipse on a drop-in basis at Huyler House and the pool will be open.

Alicia Reilly is planning some celebratory functions at Huyler House; email her if you want in on the action.  It will be out of the sun, with coverage of events playing on the tv.


Traffic Planning

The Post and Courier reports that a million visitors are expected in Charleston.  That is something to think about, because Spoleto attracts about 80,000 visitors.  SEWE is 50,000.  And the total number of people who evacuated for hurricane Matthew (with roads going in reverse directions to move more people) was about half a million.  So preparing for gridlock might be a good idea.  Seriously, we are hoping some of this traffic hype is overkill.  This article from The State describes what Columbia is expecting. My favorite part of that article is this line, “pack your patience.”

Download the SC511 app, which lets you plug into live feeds from traffic cameras across the state, and the WAZE app, which helps you get around traffic jams on smaller roads.  Come early, stay late. Carpool.



If you have more than one car in the parking lot, and have another place to park a car, that will allow more neighbors to be on the island.  Stay tuned for POA communications about parking.


The POA sent out a survey to find out when you are coming to the island and when you are leaving.  This is to help understand when the ferry crush that weekend will be. You’re not required to catch the boat you say you’re taking, and this is not a reservation.  It IS a way for the POA to find out which ferries are likely to have a crush of people, as they try to make this the best weekend it can be for everybody.  And if you have day visitors, please be sure they’re on there for Monday.  Click here to complete the survey. There will be a schedule change on the day of the eclipse: there will be a 1:00/1:30 run and no 2:00/2:30 run.  Ferry service will resume at 3:00. More POA information here.

The Main Event: The Eclipse

What’s the big deal?

Here is NASA’s chart of what things will look like.  Click the link below for more NASA details and information.

What to expect, from NASA

Links to follow:

Charleston Visitors Bureau


Popular Mechanics: How to Photograph an Eclipse

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