Lake Timicau Restoration Project Begins

Lake Timicau Restoration Project Begins

It was exciting to see a large earth mover at 6 pipes last week; even more exciting when we heard Pete Y describe it coming out of the water at 6 pipes. The Lake Timicau Restoration Project has begun!

And no time like the present: six pipes has seen some “adjustment” since hurricane Matthew, and the erosion has been compounded by high tides.

This photo was taken in January 2016:

And this in June of 2016:

By this month, a good bit of the road has eroded around the pipes:

So it was great to see this big piece of equipment come ashore at six pipes this week. For a day or two it was visible at six pipes, and then it moved along Lake Timicau towards the end along Lake Timicau Lane.

Apparently it’s amphibious: Pete reports it coming right out of the water (and the tracks prove that.)

Part of the Lake Timicau Restoration Project is a canal that links the areas that get good water flow at one pipe and six pipes with the far end of the wetland behind lots 65 and 80.  It’s pretty amazing how natural this machine can make the canal look.  This video shows the canal starting at one pipe:

Watch videos in HD for better results.

This is the outside of One Pipe:

This shows the track from one pipe toward the other end of Lake Timicau:

And at the other end, from the intersection of Pelican Flight and Lake Timicau, it looks like this:

Meanwhile, back at six pipes, not much has happened.  These photos show what it looks like right now:

And this video explores further.  Exciting things are coming: you can see a large piece of equipment on the beach toward Capers Inlet.


The Lake Timicau Restoration Project represents years of work and partnership with The Dewees Island Conservancy, the Wetlands Committee of the POA, USFW, The North American Wetlands Conservation Act Grant Program, and Ducks Unlimited. Donations are still welcome: click here to donate.