Hurricane Matthew: staying connected from afar

Residents and owners of Dewees are scattered to the winds at the moment, and most are glued to their screens in some way to see what’s happening on the island. It’s not just the weather channel that gives us a chance to stay in touch. There was already a facebook owners group discussion to find out where everyone is.  If you are on facebook, and you are an owner, you can join that group to stay up to date.  And if you have friends in Mount Pleasant or the IOP online, you can follow online. Dewees owners can also join the IOP owner group on Facebook and they have updates from people who stayed on the island.

My first source for news and weather is WCBD news 2, and there are several ways to watch them on a phone or online if they are running a live feed.  Here’s a link on facebook, where you can often watch in real time. (I know Dewees owners are watching, because when we watch through facebook it tells us who else is online.  They also have a smartphone app.

Also, WCIV (abc) is here and often has a live feed.

SCDOT has an app for your phone, and you can watch the IOP traffic camera to see what’s happening on the connector.  (This is handy whenever you’re coming to Dewees.)

Our own Harriet McCloud works for Reuters, and she is downtown reporting.  Here’s a link to her story on evacuations.

What we know at the moment is that there is power on the island (from our friends who check their answering machines) and from what I can see, the eye-wall has moved north of the island as the tide comes in.  Hoping y’all are safe.  The end is in sight.screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-9-40-48-am

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