Arts Council Exhibits

POA Weekend Art leads into Tonight’s Art Reception and Toast

The art for the annual meeting is always a great production.  This year’s theme was the Lake Timicau Restoration Project, kicking off this fall.  The artists who provided art for POA weekend wanted to bring attention to the shorebird species we would be helping, the areas that might change with new water flow, the ways people might use the restored areas differently, and the beauty of the environment.  Some of these pieces will be featured again tonight at the Art Reception and toast at 5:30.

Anne Anderson created a map of the future areas (and depths of Lake Timicau:

Jim Anderson made this model of what the new water control structure at six pipes looks like:

model of the new water control device

Barbara and Cori McIntyre and Barbara’s sister Kathy Showers designed many of the pieces in the main room. Stay tuned– Cori will be having her own show on July 15, where you can see more of her art on display.  The triptych above the fireplace featured the sun rising over the lake:

Barbara McIntyre with sunrise triptych
Birds and wildlife enjoying the benefits of the new Lake Timicau, by Kathy Showers, Barbara McIntyre, and Cori McIntyre
ways for people to enjoy the lake in the future

Jane Savage and Sue Mashman created a wonderful exhibit in the hall:

Diane Kliros, an island resident,  accomplished artist and now the chair of the Dewees Island Arts Council, did a series of studies portraits of shorebirds that will benefit from improving Lake Timicau.

They originally hung in the hall to the dining room, and are now featured above the fireplace.  They really capture the essence of these birds, reflecting the extensive research Diane did until she was happy with the portraits and colors. At tonight’s reception, Diane will be presenting the pictures to the photographers, and giclees of the art will become part of the island’s permanent collection.  In addition, the Arts Council/Conservancy will be ordering prints, giclees, and notecards if people are interested in their own copies.

Sanderling, by Diane Kliros


Red Knot, by Diane Kliros

Tonight’s toast to the shorebird collection will begin at 5:30 at Huyler House.  Champagne toast and munchies provided by the Dewees Island Conservancy.