Hidden Spot for a Good Cup of Coffee in Mount Pleasant

Hanging out with Brown Fox Coffee

Charleston has a great food truck scene, and we have been thrilled to find an indy coffee shop on wheels in the heart of Mount Pleasant. Located on Simmons Street across from the Moultrie Middle school parking lot, Brown Fox Coffee Company has been providing us with a great cup in the morning for a few months now. (Moultrie Middle is where Dewees Island kids go, and it’s a bus stop for the magnet schools at School of the Arts and Academic Magnet.)

Biz Foxworth greets customers in the morning: photo from http://www.brownfoxcoffee.com/

I love stopping at Brown Fox Coffee when I am dropping Ted off for school– this morning I had a chat with a neighbor with his dog (who was trying to get Biz to change the name to Black Dog Coffee!) and several others who were obviously regulars, either biking, or walking with a stroller and a toddler, or stopping by on their way to work.  The Brown Fox website says this:

The Brown Fox Coffee Co. is a mobile coffee shop that is committed to serving its customers fine quality coffee and giving back to people in need. The Brown Fox brings a fun, warm, friendly atmosphere where ever it is parked and makes good coffee more available. The company will donate a portion of its revenue to a non-profit organizations as a way to serve and bless others.

Biz donates to non-profits that help children, like

“overseas missions, such as City of Hope in Tanzania; local MUSC children’s hospital, and more directly, we would like to raise money for adopting a child or children in to our own family. We foresee a community effort in furthering these dreams. Our slogan is “Good things happen over good coffee” and we expect just that!”

tasty treats for breakfast
happy customer
this morning’s sunrise reflected in the window at Brown Fox
there’s even a place for dogs to have a drink!

One of the things I love about Dewees Island is that the developer planned for accidental meeting places as a way to build community.  Brown Fox Coffee is doing that in Mount Pleasant, right across from the Farmer’s Market. Leave a comment if you think we should convince them to set up in our parking lot one Saturday morning!