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Captain Rick Profiled in the Island Eye News


This fall marks the 21st year that Captain Rick Morse has driven the ferry to and from Dewees Island, and we feel lucky to have him as a part of our lives.  The Island Eye News recently came out to interview Rick at the ferry dock, and put together this profile of him.  He’s a special connection for those of us who live on Dewees– as the parent of 3 of those early boat riders to school, I can vouch for his having had a hand in their growing up.  He is quoted in the article,

Life on Dewees Island is “special experience” he said. School mornings start out early for the children who live there, and he’s there at 6:30 a.m. to pick them up to take them down the Intracoastal Waterway. “I feel like I’ve been a real part of their lives, and have seen these kids I help get to school, grow up.”

But he is also the first face of vacation for many people who are on Dewees as vacationing owners and renters.  Last Friday was Halloween, and the kids of the island made sure we went down to the dock early– as Rick drove up to the island in the dark at 6:30, they wanted the pumpkins to be lit for him.  Rick got off the ferry, carrying a cat cage with a wild, growling “animal” in it.  As Declan peered in, the creature snarled and made noise.  Rick laughed at Declan’s  jump backward, and never did explain what eerie creature he’d brought along.  His laugh, his warmth with the kids, his fondness for TC the cat and McNugget the chicken, his early morning practical jokes (does anyone remember the large “cockroach?), and his competency at the helm make the ferry ride what it is.  We’d love to hear your stories of our longest serving captain!

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