Sunset splendor

photo from Andersons, house 125, panorama by Ginnie Little

Sunset on the island is generally really spectacular, so sunsets don’t often make our daily conversations.  Rainbows, too, are relatively frequent (I’ve seen three or four this month.) But yesterday was the kind of shared experience with neighbors that makes you value not just the beauty around us, but the people we share it with on a daily basis.

Liz and I ventured out for a bike ride yesterday evening, and even though it hadn’t rained in 12 hours, there were still deep puddles in the roads, and a gray, gloomy sky.  By the time we finished, we were muddy and grubby. Dewees Island has seen its share of rain this month: over 12 inches of rain so far in September, and a chance of more every day in the forecast. Our average monthly rainfall for September is half that amount, so the water table is high and there is a lot of standing water around.  Which is probably why the sunset was so remarkable.  After being invisible most of the day, the sun managed to break through the clouds right as it neared the horizon at sunset.  It was glorious.  My phone rang twice as neighbors called to tell me to go outside, and folks were calling to each other from decks where everyone was transfixed, for a while, by the sunset splendor around us.  The setting sun also cast a huge double rainbow over toward the ocean, which was reflected in the impoundment.  It was hard to know where to look.

gorgeous sunset on Dewees Island
View from 129, Judy Drew Fairchild, photographer
View from 126, Liz O’Leary, photographer
rainbow from 125, Ginnie Little, photographer
Rainbow and reflection in impoundment, Judy Drew Fairchild, photographer
The Dewees Island ferry in the sunset, Reggie Fairchild, photographer
Sunset welcome to Dewees, Reggie Fairchild, photographer

We even sent some of these photos to our favorite News 2 weather people, and two of them were picked up on the evening news and retweeted out!

If you were on the island and taking photos last night, please share: we’d love to post some more!

Update Sunday 9/21/14:

View from Dewees Inlet Drive, Sallie Campbell, photographer
View of Dewees Inlet: Sallie Campbell, photographer




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  1. Jim Mack

    A wonderful posting!
    Thanks for the fantastic photos, but also for the discussion of common thread of love for nature that connects all who call Dewees ‘home’.

  2. Cheryl Jarrett


  3. Anne Anderson

    The photographs are spectacular! The experience of standing on our widow’s walk surrounded by the magnificent, changing colors and the excitement of granddaughter Ginnie Little and 2 of her college friends (first time visitors to Dewees) will always be remembered. Sunset now on Sunday, lovely, though quiet as the gals have returned to Columbia.

  4. Dershie

    Oh my gosh. These r amazing. Wish we had been there to share with u.

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