A New Day for Dewees Rentals

Emily showing her son the Dewees beach

It’s a new day for Dewees Rentals! We ushered in a new era on August 1, as Judy Fairchild stepped down and sold the rental business to Emily Watson. Emily has worked with Judy and Dewees Rentals since just after it started six years ago, and is really excited about building on the framework that she and Judy created together. “We started the company originally to educate people about the island and the wildlife here. We were finding that renters were arriving really unprepared for a Dewees vacation and we wanted to help them understand that yes, there are rules on Dewees, but those rules are designed to keep the island pristine and beautiful for the next generation,” Fairchild said. A South Carolina Coastal master naturalist, Fairchild wants more time to research and write about the animals and plants on the island, and she’ll continue to sell and market real estate. “The rental company is in the very capable hands of Emily Watson– she brings both experience and a new perspective to the rental business, which is a great thing. I wanted the company to be in the hands of someone who had the island’s best interests at heart. New energy and ideas keep things going in new directions, and Emily is full of both!”

The Watson family


Emily Watson is very excited to be taking the helm, which is a natural outgrowth of her ascending leadership over the last few years. She will be joined by her husband Stew, a talented contractor; they will also work within a partnership with Dunes Properties, which will allow them to raise the profile of Dewees within the greater Charleston Area beach vacation rental community. “I love Dewees, and I’ll continue to focus on the island and its unique benefits. I am really looking forward to working with owners and renters.” Emily will continue to be the point person for lot owners using their free nights at Huyler House. Dewees rentals has a new look, and the official company title is Watson Property Management. Judy will still help with orientation materials and information on a consulting basis.

New Logo and look

For FY 2014, Dewees Rentals has so far provided a value of $59,147.09 in gross rentals to the Property Owner’s Association for the Huyler House suites and Marshview Cottage, as well as $20,251 in ferry revenues through July.  Anyone, including Dewees owners, wishing to make a reservation for Huyler House should call Emily at 843-906-0410.


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