Explore Tidepools on the Beach

tidepool magic: Dewees Island
Because of the current erosion/accretion cycle, there are some great “runnels” along the beach, especially near Osprey Walk. We gathered some friends one evening last week and went to explore tidepools on the beach. You want to check for a very low tide, and it’s a bonus if that comes at the end of the day. We like it when it’s low tide in the evening– take a sandwich and beverage and explore without worrying about sunburn. Look for tracks through the sand. You might see some interesting living creatures.
knobbed whelk reaches out with operculum to turn itself over

Keyhole urchin (sand dollar) makes tracks in the sand

sea pansy

placing any living creatures in an isolated tidepool for observation and safety

shorebirds wander past our explorations
striped anemone on rubbery bryozoan

while this striped anemone is in full flower

at the end, we take a look at all of our “finds,” and identify them, being careful not to touch them with sunscreen or bug repellent on our hands.
It’s an amazing look at the hidden life flow of the intertidal zone, with the daily battles for life, food, and procreation. We return everything that’s alive to deeper tidepools on the incoming tide, and head home for the evening.

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  1. Dershie

    Yummy. Wish O were there!

  2. Hillel B

    Your photographed shorebird looks like a piping plover (endangered or threatened)!

  3. Judy Drew Fairchild

    I do think that’s a Piping Plover, and I took about 100 photos of that bird, because I was thinking that it was early, and unexpected– which is also why I didn’t label it on purpose. Good eyes!

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