Early Spring Wildflowers

There are slow signs of spring on the island, for sure. Many of the early spring wildflowers are blooming, the pollen is thick on the porches and in the puddles, and the falcate orangetips, the first butterflies to emerge have been flitting about. Trailing bluets carpet sections of the forest where the sun gets through.

spring wildflower sc: trailing bluet
Bluets have begun to peek up their heads
macro shot of trailing bluet: spring wildflower
spring wildflower dandelion and falcate orangetip falcate orangetip



spring wildflower: wild plum
wild plum blossoms: scaly bark and leaves just beginning to emerge
eastern redbud
Eastern Redbud

The redbud is beginning to fade, and the wild plum trees at Huyler House and the Landings building are almost finished blooming. Carolina Jessamine is blooming in the pine trees. I took some macro shots of the plum tree blossoms and some other things blooming along the way.



Wax Myrtle, Myrica cerifera
Dandelion, taraxacum officinale

Dandelions are cropping up along the roads, and tiny seeds are beginning to float on the breeze.

spring wildflower: dandelion
close-up of dandelion seeds

Over near Huyler House pond, the willows are blooming catkins which are attracting lots of bees and other pollinators.

willow catkin with pollen-laden bee

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