Dewees Eagles have Two Chicks!

The Dewees Eagles have two chicks! Technically referred to as eaglets, we got a clear view of them today. I have been watching the eagles from my porch, and there’s been a different sort of activity for the last 8 or 9 days. Instead of quietly sitting on the nest, the adults have been standing, flying off in search of food, and bending down into the nest. Last year, the first time I heard a chick was on March 6. This year, they probably hatched a week earlier, but the weather has been dreadful to try to go closer to the nest and listen.

Finally, we have a sunny spring day, so I headed out in search of a closer look. In the wind, it was all but impossible to hear the faint cries from the nest. I found the highest vantage point (thanks, David!) and set up the camera. Even with the tripod, the wind bounced us around a little. The nest is much deeper than in previous years, but I was able to see some movement inside, and eventually TWO heads popped up!

As the babies cried for food, both adults left the nest and one brought back a fish.  The other circled periodically and returned to feed the chicks.  The adult with the fish tore off small pieces and fed each baby.

This is the first time in the three years of nesting that we have known about a second chick on this platform.  If there is a shortage of resources, the older chick will often starve the younger one, so we’ll be watching to see how that all works out. Today, it seemed that both adults were actively feeding both eaglets, so that’s a good sign.

I shot this video today, after watching them for about an hour:


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  1. Marion cotton

    Amazing, Judy! So glad we have fantastic you on our wonderfull island!

  2. Brucie Harry

    Awesome photos and great news!

  3. Jim mack

    I sit in awe of these eagles! ( and of your photographic skills, Judy!)

  4. Dershie

    Oh my gosh! what a precious gift and what great news. Arent we so glad we have that sturdy pole now? Thank you Judy for sharing your amazing photographs.

  5. Amanda Groves

    Wonderful! Thank you. My son is fascinated… we hope to see them in action during our visit

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