Dewees Ice-land

Egrets feeding along Lake Timicau Drive
Egrets feeding along Lake Timicau Drive

A wintry punch blew into the lowcountry last night and this morning, and we are enjoying some quiet time at home and on the island with family and friends.  The power flickered once, but otherwise has remained on, and we are all safe and warm.  The 9:30 Roundtable coffee group even met this morning to connect with neighbors and warm up at Huyler House.

The Dewees Island ferry shut down yesterday after the 1/1:30 run. Schools were dismissed early, but island kids stayed home all day yesterday due to transportation logistics.  Coastal South Carolina is basically shut down today:  The Ravenel Bridge (Route 17) and the Don Holt Bridge (Route 526) are both closed, as is the Isle of Palms Connector.  As the newscaster said, “If you live East of the Cooper, you’re staying East of the Cooper.”  Precipitation has essentially stopped, but the temperatures on the island are still about 29 degrees, so it hasn’t melted much, and the world is still white and sparkly.  The Dewees Island Public Safety guys have been clearing downed trees from the roadways, which are slushy but passable. The temperature is holding steady, and schools are (officially) closed again tomorrow. The kids have been outside enjoying the icy fun:

checking out icicycles
checking out icicycles

Here are some photos and short videos.

Shuttles iced in
Shuttles iced in




Ice on yaupon
Ice on yaupon















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  1. Will Conner

    Judy, Thank you so much for sharing. I wish my family and I were iced in with all of you. The photos are breath-taking and make me yearn for Dewees. You are so kind to give such a vivid update from the island my family and I love.


  2. The Conners

    Thank you for the post! We loved looking at some of our favorite Dewees spots through the wintry lens. Wish we were there to play 🙂

  3. Christie

    WOW – icy goodness. thanks for keeping us up to date, Storm Team Dewees!

  4. gaye mcgraw gambell-peterson

    Ice is beautiful, even in the wrong places. Thanks for getting your gorgeous photos up so quickly. Glad to hear the power stayed on and the kids stayed home.

  5. Dale Boozer

    Great set of pictures these are absolute classics. Would love to see some of these in 16 x 20 prints on canvas. Like the videos as well. I wish I could’ve been there. Assuming, that is, you had power.

  6. Rita Snipes

    AWESOME pictures!! Got to admit, it was very relaxing being iced in!!

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