Digiscoping: movies of the Eagles: eating and preening

The other day, I drove past one of the Eagles on the pole just past Moser’s house. I had been trying to film the nest, so I had both my camera with the 400m lens and the scope with the digiscoping adapter. (If you’re not either a birder or a photographer, digiscoping is the process whereby you connect a camera to a quality scope and use it for your lens.) I am still learning how to make it work, especially because I think two tripods works best. I caught this video of one of the eagles eating and preening:

Eagle Eating: Digiscope demonstration from Judy Drew Fairchild on Vimeo.

What the digiscope setup looks like:digiscope with camera

What the view looks like WITHOUT optics:eaglenest

5 thoughts on “Digiscoping: movies of the Eagles: eating and preening

  1. I am always so grateful for these little peeks into the Dewees world which we would miss without you. So the new platform has been accepted? Thank u Judy!xx

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