Halloween on Dewees Island

pumpkin carving

It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween on Dewees Island, as island kids took advantage of a day off from school today to carve pumpkins. We met at the dock, blasted “monster Mash” and other tunes, and carved jack-o-lanterns.

Dewees Island ferry Halloween
Decorating the Dewees Island Ferry

When the ferry arrived, we took advantage of the 5 minutes it was on the Dewees dock to quickly decorate… bats, skeletons, and pumpkins will greet you the next time you get on.

Captain Rick peeks through the new decor

Even TC is getting in the spirit, sporting a lovely halloween-themed jesters collar. McNugget, of course, is a cat dressed up as a chicken.

TC sports his halloween collar

Halloween is Thursday night, and we plan to watch The Great Pumpkin aboard the ferry on the way to the island on the 5:00, quickly change, and meet back at the dock for sunset at 6:00. We’ll have hot dogs, and a hayride (minus the hay) on the people mover before heading around the island trick-or-treating. Adults, bring your own beverages. We plan to go to 125, 2DI, 1DI, 42, 55, and 38, finishing up at 13. If you are expecting trick-or-treaters and you aren’t on that list, email Judy or Liz and we’ll be sure to get you on the route.

Pumpkins on the dock

wait, those are real spiderwebs
reflections along the dock

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  1. Brucie Harry

    The pumpkins are fabulous!

  2. Ginny Moser

    How utterly wonderful to have such engaged, enthusiastic youth on island………..and, of course, their parents!!! Looking forward to Thursday!!

  3. Jane Dill

    Oh, for another week on Dewees! Recently there with Jill Cochrane and friends, I envied ‘her’ island life, having been an islander myself for many years on San Juan Island off the coast of Washington. I love your personality-plus-pumpkins and wish you all a Happily Haunted Hallowe’en. Thanks to Jill for forwarding your photos.

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