Some summers are hot and dusty, and we wish-wish-wish for a rainstorm to cool us off. Not this one. We spend a lot of time these days talking about the weather on the island– and I am sure you’ve all either heard of or experienced bumpy roads while on the island this summer.

could be worse… thanks to the Joberg Expat for finding this one!

We had a brief break with a dry week, but this week is back to our Seattle-like weather.  In the last 48 hours, we have had over 6 inches of rain, including a brief moment when it was raining 8.56 inches an hour.  It looks like a stationary front is bringing more waves of tropical moisture in over the next few days, with another 6 inches possible.

My rain gauge says that we are way above normal for our annual rainfall, so I emailed Josh Marthers, my favorite local newscaster who does the Channel 2 (NBC) morning weather forecast, and asked him just how much above normal we were. He told me that the Charleston Airport’s official total was a whopping 13 inches above normal! And the rainfall totals I have measured with my little weather station on the island have generally been higher than those in town. (also unusual) so we know we’ve had a lot of rain.2013-08-16_0846 If you want to follow the Charleston Weather, WCBD has a weather app you can download from the itunes store.

This means that there’s a lot of standing water, and we’re really grateful for the mosquito plane pilot, who has made several flights to drop organic larvicide on the island. And to the golf cart repair folks who have had to work on our brakes when they get gummed up with mud. And to the island staff, who have cheerfully graded and regraded our roads to keep them navigable this summer, as well as experimenting with various methods to keep the puddles from being bigger than they already were. And it’s certainly cooler!


midday rain with no visibility

the staff experiments with pumping water off the road


standing water at public works in July
relatively frequent rainbows: the upside of the rain


My weather station records raining cats and dogs fairly often!


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  1. I’m renovating my house in the SC upstate encased in a sea of red mud. I long to be on the island, cozy within reach of my neighbors who will hop in a cart to dine with me at a moment’s notice. Many thanks to all the staff who are doing their best to keep things “normal” (tip top shape) on Dewees.

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