Tropical Storm Andrea

tropical storm andrea clouds
Looking toward Capers Inlet from the Dewees Island north beach.

The forecast called for a stronger storm than the one that actually hit, but Andrea did disrupt ferry service for a few runs and knocked down a willow or two. It’s rained a lot on the island this year, so a fairly saturated ground and a heavy wind could have led to far more downed trees. We were spared the 5 inches of rain and 60mph winds that might have come our way– I recorded about 2.5 inches of rain and a gust of 41mph… not much more than a summer thunderstorm.

We ventured out as soon as it was light to see what was going on– it was our day to walk the north beach for the turtle program. We drove to the north end and made our way to the ocean, and after being on the beach for a few minutes, it became clear that we would have to either go the other direction or scrap the plan. The sand was so abrasive against skin that we would have been miserable. It took a few days, but here’s a video of scenes from Friday morning.

man on a beach
sand blows along beach at the very lowest level to about a foot above the ground


rainbow on Dewees Island, SC
rainbow towards Mount Pleasant in the midst of the storm

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