Dewees Island Fishing featured in Guy Harvey magazine

Dewees Island Fishing was featured in Guy Harvey Magazine.  Check out this article written by a friend of Alex Pasquini’s. There were stories all around that day, about how great the fishing was on a perfect January day. Here are a few excerpts of what he had to say about Dewees Island:

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Almost on cue though, the redfish began biting. This was by far the most fun of the day for the group as fish after fish would just continually bite. A few other fishermen had seen our luck and joined us in the creek, but there were still plenty of redfish for everyone to have a chance to catch them.

I was amazed at how pristine the island has remained, even though some residential dwellings have been built. The island has the relaxed feel of a state park with its environmental and wildlife conservation while also having the luxury of the home sites and beach. The roads are all dirt, and sometimes it was tough to even see the houses because the driveways were hidden because very little clearing was made for each lot…
Many on Dewees say, “You will never forget your first time you came to Dewees” and this is certainly true. As we boarded the 9:30 pm ferry back to the mainland, I could not help but think about coming back to this island and enjoying what it offered.

If you were out at six pipes that afternoon, please comment in with your own stories.

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  1. James mack

    The ‘rest of the story’ of that fishing afternoon was that Bob Drew not only caught and released innumerable sea trout, but managed to catch seven in a row using only ONE small mud minnow! His fishing partner for the afternoon was not as fortunate:)
    It was a perfect Dewees winter fishing afternoon on a beautiful day!
    Jim Mack

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