Island Pantry Staple: SACO Buttermilk Powder

buttery scones made with buttermilk powder
buttery scones made with buttermilk powder

This came up at coffee yesterday, so I thought I would send it out there to all of our readers who are interested in pantry shortcuts on the island.  Transportation to Dewees is a challenge in terms of groceries, so I am a big fan of anything that stocks my pantry in a way that lets me stay on the island rather than shop.  I like to bake, and my kids love buttermilk pancakes.  So I keep this“>buttermilk powder in my fridge.  I think it can last up to a year, but I never end up having it for that long.  I use it for making scones or blueberry buttermilk coffee cake, and it is great for dipping that fresh fish into before dredging in cornmeal and pan-frying.  It’s much lighter to lug over on the ferry, can stay for ages in your refrigerator,  eliminates that pesky problem of extra buttermilk, and creates way less plastic in the waste stream.


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  1. David F. Smith

    This may be the perfect solution when i make my Corn Bread…


  2. Rita Snipes

    I use this as well. It is a great item and stores well.

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