Come Be A Movie Star: Remote Control Helicopters Headed our Way

On Monday, the guys from Yonder Blue Films are coming to the island to help us with some marketing footage.  This is really exciting!  Check out some of the amazing footage they get with a remote control helicopter… it allows them to get closer than traditional aerials and create unique vantage points for video stuff.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Yonder Blue Films offers low-altitude aerial cinematography via remote operated helicopters. We specialize in capturing breathtaking images and adding value to your production.

We want to showcase the fabulous things that make the island so special.  Email Judy if you want to be in the movie (or even if you are just grudgingly willing) to play bocce on the beach, ride bides, kayak, fish, etc.  Or if you want to come watch this awesome machine in action!

In the meanwhile, here are some links to some of the videos they have already done:


Flying Fish – kayak fishing aerial highlights from Yonder Blue Films on Vimeo.

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  1. Reggie Fairchild

    Some things we need for the photo shoot:

    – crabbing
    – cast netting
    – rod and reel fishing
    – fly fishing
    – swimming in the ocean
    – running on the beach
    – canoeing
    – kayaking
    – paddle boarding
    – birding
    – looking at the fish tanks in the Nature Center
    – working out in the fitness room
    – biking
    – running on the road
    – running on the beach
    – walking up the beach access paths
    – having coffee at the Huyler House
    – taking photographs
    – riding on the top deck of the ferry
    – putting stuff in the recycling bins
    – getting the mail

    There’s a role for everyone.

  2. Marion cotton

    Sorry the Cotton’s will be away! Sounds like fun!

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