Starlit nights

The very first time I saw Dewees Island in the dark, it was the POA meeting of March 2004.  I had been to the Friday evening cocktail party, and was headed back to Mount Pleasant for the night.  Coming out of Huyler House, I looked up, and what I saw literally took my breath away.  Light pollution continues to creep over our way, but the 60 undeveloped miles of seashore to our north, and the ocean to the east promises dark skies for years to come. In the winter, when the air is crisp, the stars on Dewees are truly something to behold. I rarely take a flashlight when I walk the dog at night, and even on moonless nights, the stars usually provide enough light to find the way.

Carl and Cathy Miller, Audubon birding friends and photography mentors, stayed at House 130 for the Christmas Bird Count this year, and managed to catch this awesome photo of the view from the deck, with the stars twinkling over the impoundment. If you click the photo, it will expand to a larger size. Wow!

Dewees Island CBC 033-3a

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  1. Carey Sullivan

    Amazing….although I worry about you walking without a flash light at night….there are gators you know!

  2. James mack

    Great posting. Each night on the island before going to bed I step outside to observe the starry sky over Dewees. The other aspect of Dewees that is so special to me is the absence of noise ‘pollution’
    Jim mack

  3. reggiefairchild

    Love this photo. Thanks to Judy and Carl for sharing it.

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