Unusual High Tides last week

Charleston County has been under a coastal flood watch for most of the week, as a combination of astronomical high tides (spring tides, perigee moon, new moon) have coincided with days of wind from the east, pushing more water up into the marsh. Add two inches of badly needed rain, and navigation on island roads has been interesting. Navigation on mainland roads has been even trickier– I couldn’t get out of the parking lot onto 41st street on Thursday. Since I was only headed into town for a haircut, I decided it wasn’t worth potentially damaging my car, so I turned around!

Waterway, minus landmarks
dewees dock
approaching the Dewees dock on the IOP
the dock is almost above the landing
climbing up to the ramp
Water at the marina
Tide at the fire station at the entrance to the Dewees Marina on 41st st
You can barely make out the edges of the island along the cut to Dewees, with the storm headed our way

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  1. reggiefairchild

    We’ve had extra high tides before, but to have sooo many high high tides in a row is unusual.

    Downtown Charleston definitely suffered, too. I saw blockades on East Bay and heard about cars stalling out on the Crosstown near Lockwood.

  2. Rebecca Eggers

    Thanks for keeping me in touch with the island Judy. we will be down after christmas. just got back from Nepal—everest base camp, three weeks of trekking in Khumbu region—most arduous trip of my life very rewarding hope to see you after christmas,


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