Fall Colors

October is a great time to be on the island. The nature watching is fantastic, and here are some photos and video taken this month around the island. Whenever I get asked if we have fall colors, I respond with an enthusiastic yes– it’s just not the colors you are used to. Sweetgrass is a soft pink, camphorweed and goldenrod a bright yellow, monarchs and gulf fritillaries bright orange, the salicornia in the marsh is bright magenta, the marsh turns golden and the water a deeper blue. Happy Fall!

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  1. Cheryl Jarrett


  2. Claudia

    Thanks Judy- beautiful!

  3. Ginny Moser

    Thanks, Judy! Can’t wait to get back tomorrow.

  4. Dershie mcdevitt

    Boy you do the island justice. Sigh!

  5. Brucie Harry

    You had such great shots – the buck!!! Were you a mile and a half away with a big honking zoom? Thanks so much for the video, the music. Fantastic.

  6. toone lapham

    that was a work of art….. Thank you

  7. Jessie Drew-Cates

    Lovely, especially after a visit from Sandy and now onto 7 days of rain. Jessie

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