Tropical Storm Sandy Predicted to Stay Offshore

The current models from the National Hurricane Center indicate that Tropical Storm Sandy will stay offshore and Dewees is unlikely to feel significant winds. There may be unusually highly tides as the path of the storm pushes up the coast of Florida toward Myrtle Beach before turning and heading up the North Carolina Coast.

Dewees is hosting a Palmetto Pro Birder Training session this weekend. Perhaps some unusual tropical birds will be pushed our way.

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  1. reggiefairchild

    Follow Up: Tropical Storm Sandy, which later became Hurricane Sandy, mostly left Dewees alone. We had lots of clouds, winds of 20 to 35 mph, higher than usual tides, and less than 1 inch of rain.

    Several previously scheduled events on the island went off without a hitch, including SC Pro Birders Weekend and an Arts Council show.

    We did loose a 1 to 2 feet of sand from the beach, depending on where you measure. We expect the beach to continue it’s recent accretion trend.

    Probably the most surprising thing was how long the winds where high — from Thursday to Tuesday. Sandy was a really large storm. Fortunately, we didn’t take a direct hit.

  2. Marion cotton

    Thanks for keeping us informed!

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