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Here is the video of the photo show entries. Any errors are mine– I apologize if I’ve gotten any awards wrong. It’s really just a chance to show what was entered this year. It’s a pretty impressive body of work, but we know there are good photographers out there who didn’t enter for some reason. Maybe this will inspire you to enter next year! Click here if the video below doesn’t start playing for you.

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  1. Cheryl Jarrett

    Thanks so much for the wonderful video. I became a little overcome with emotion seeing the beauty of nature we enjoy on the island. The music was perfect!

  2. Kathy Warren

    Judy: Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to use your talents to share the Island photos with those of us who could not be there. The photos are quintessential Dewees and the subjects and settings represent why those who are privileged to be part of Dewees are there. Missing all of you!!

  3. reggiefairchild

    I wanna live there! Oh yeah, now I do. Amazing. Glorious.

  4. Christie


  5. trent

    yay dewees:)

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