Dewees Island featured in Charleston Style and Design Magazine

Dewees Island’s pristine beach is featured as the backdrop for a photo shoot in this month’s Charleston Style and Design magazine. In May, we were delighted to host a crew of local and imported talent who put together a fashion photo shoot on our beach. Anne and Jim and I helped with transportation and learned a lot. We really enjoyed getting to know the editor of the magazine and the group of photographers, stylists, make-up artists, directors, and photographers who were here. Dewees Island has an ad in the magazine, as well. The magazine’s art director used one of my photos, our new logo, and text compiled by communication committee members Anne and Christel, to produce this ad (scroll down for the big version):

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  1. Anne Anderson

    Judy, Having been the “fly on the wall” observing the production of the fashion shoot, you have captured the day and the professional work that created the featured article very well. Thanks for sharing with your bloggers! Anne

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