Dewees Island featured in Charleston Magazine

In March, we linked to local writer Stephanie Hunt’s blog article about being on Dewees Island for a weekend. We love the way she writes, and we REALLY love this article in June’s Issue of Charleston Magazine. Stephanie and her family spent a weekend in Home 126 in March, along with Photographer Bobby Altman, who stayed at Home 130. You really need to read the whole article either in the magazine or on their website… in the meanwhile, we’ll share a few of our favorite quotes. Really, buy a copy of the magazine so you can see the text within the context of the whole story and the photos.

A semi-remote island has a way of changing your frequency, shifting your bandwidth. After a few days of Dewees detox, you begin to tune out of the rigmarole and hyper yap of a blaring world and tune into more subtle, more astonishing things…
…how gloriously inert a gator can be. How pleasant and sane it is to walk or bike sandy paths and not have to turn a car ignition for days on end. How deliciously decadent fresh clams (garnished with cream and whiskey!) are.

And perhaps most astonishing of all, how you can feel so far away, so distanced from daily life, only a few miles from home…


…There is no pretense here—nothing screams “exclusive” or “private”—it just feels refreshingly low-key and real. Maybe it’s the fact that homes are tucked back into the trees, with no fancy or non-native landscaping; or that a warm sense of community among the property owners and the island’s 14 full-time residents is palpable; or maybe simply that the pace is notched down several mphs to beach cruiser and flip-flop speed. Whatever its particular magic may be, Dewees draws you in and will definitely draw us back.

We hope they come back soon… as a writer, she captured so much of what we love about the island. We loved having their family on the island, and we always love seeing the island through new eyes. Below are some photos we took while they were here.

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  1. Marion cotton

    Really enjoyed the article. Thanks for your input in this and so much else for our ISLAND.

  2. Artus Moser

    Good stuff, Judy. Thanks for your efforts. Artus

  3. Melinda Nutter

    Wonderful article. Cannot wait to return.

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